A Time to Come Together

Storm Sandy has come and gone now.  But the aftermath of her destruction will more than likely remain with us for weeks, if not months into the future.  I sat home wondering what would become of my state and the others within the path of the storm.  I don’t want to make this a political post, but if I fail mention how important our government is, and how important it’s needed during a crisis – would be incomprehensible in my view.

While NJ is recovering from total devastation, we all need to pitch in to show our fellow neighbors that we do care.  I attend a little church in Pomona, NY that has that neighborly spirit and genuine care for their fellow sister and brother.  When someone is sick, or in need its their immediate response that speak volumes.  I find it very disturbing that people would say its wrong for Gov. Christie to work along side of President Obama and praise him for his immediate response to the people of NJ.  But, the former FEMA administrator, Mr. Brown said, “Obama moved too quick in his response to Sandy.”  Could this be that he actually wished he responded the way Obama has? I really hope that politicians and people alike can put aside their ideological beliefs and work together as one people to get things done.  People don’t have to be in dire need before they get help.

If it were your family, would you think twice before helping them?

by Miranda


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Please Vote!

Hello dear readers,

I wanted to post a reminder that voting in NYC will take place on November 6, 2012.

Its very important that every who is able to vote, do so on this special day in our country.  If you’re not sure whether or not you ‘re registered, please go to: board of elections

No matter what your party of choice is make sure you exercise your right to speak on this day.  There have been many of reports in the media about voter suppression and I thought I would never see the day because of the hurdles the civil right movement caused to happened in our nation.  I find it appalling that the Jim Crow laws of the south are now resurfacing in other ways to suppress people from speaking out through the process of voting.  There are as many as 14 states that have implemented increased voter restrictions, which will disenfranchise people of color and the poor.  Barack Obama is the first African American President in our country’s 200 plus history, but that doesn’t mean African Americans have attained non-discriminatory practices that other races take for granted. Voter suppression is discriminatory in nature and its goal is to target a certain racial and finanical group that is more than likely to vote for President Obama.  So, in order for the party of the right to win, they believe if they bully certain Americans from voting – that they’ll win the White House on November 6th.  I’m afraid this could very well happen, considering the obvious plans to make President Obama a one term president.  You decide.  I plan to vote early on November 6 and bring my sons along with me so they can experience what its like to register a vote.  This is something that I’m happy to pass down to my children.

Knowledge is power!

I hope everyone will join me in speaking out during the first week in November!




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Hello Blogoshpere!

Hi bloggers!

I’m so excited to be here and wanted to introduce myself to you personally.  I decided to start my own blog as I began to realize that I had something to say.  Most of what I will write about will be things happening in the world, which I believe is important to me.  I welcome comments. View points don’t have to necessarily align with mine.  I’d only ask that this blog remain free of insults and inappropriate language.

I hope to be in touch very soon!



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